secrets of Al-‘Arif Billah part 1/2


Tuesday, 30 September 2008 by Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
Burton, MI USA

from the Notes of Grand Shaykh ‘Abdullah Faiz Daghestani

If you follow and obey Allah SWT will give you secret of akhirat, give you happiness in dunya and akhirah. When you say Athiullah, that’s an ocean you cannot limit it. Athiullah means surrender.

Surrender to Allah SWT. When we say Athiúu llaah, what’s the ,meaning in English? [Obey Allah] Means what to obey. Means in this obedience in that letter, in that word,
secrets, not only secrets but everything that’s created is under that khithab, that address. Everything created is under that address. So, when you obey, all that is created is open to you to know about it. He said. All books that Allah reveals to His prophets and Holy Quran that is revealed to

Prophet Muhammad s, when we obey all the knowledge in this book, all the secret will go into you. If you really obey. All these Heavenly Books that have ben revealed with all the secrets will be given to the heart of the WAli. How many letters are there in the Holy Quran? Taher? Nearly around 500,000. How many verses of the Holy Quran? 6,666 all 6, multiply 4 by 6, what happens? They become 24, 2 and 4 become 6. Every verse is made up of what? Every word is made up of what, every letter, Awliya’can take at least 24,000 knowledge to .. And that knowledege is from the secrets of Al-Arif Billah, the Ma’rifat. When I said to myself I begin from the first page.

So, imagine 500,000 letters multiply to 5,000 knowldege, that’s from one reading. If you read the same letter another time, the same another time, you will get another 24,000 knowledge That enter under what, under one word, Athiúllah.

Wilayah (sainthood) is not simple. We can not claim that Wilayah is simple. No. It’s difficult to achieve if you run after your world. But, if Allah wants, it’s easy. So, Awliyaullah, Allah is giving that because of intercession of Prophet s. Let us say to ourselves, “We are representative” . Representative of what? Of eating and drinking? We want to be representative of knowledge. They want to see us on the track, even if it’s slow it’s OK. Later they introduce electricity, they go faster, now turbine, even faster. Also it depends how much we are on track. Don’t be fast and stop, saying “I am tired”. No, go slowly!. the best of miracle is the continuity. Do it slow, but continue.

When you obeying Allah SWT, that knowledge go inside. You’ll be able to open. They said, if you follow that, obedience, we know that you cannot reach full obidience, but if you obey

one, Allah will take away kufr from you. If you are on the track. What is the meaning of to

obey? of Obedience?

I’ll give one small example. You obey if you fast for example. You obey if you do charity, you obey if you pray. if you do. Correct? [Yes Sir]. That is for sure not the obedience they
want from you. That’s is for sure you have to do that. What is the obedience they want? When you face a sin, you say “Oh Allah, I’m dropping that sin for you Allah.” That is more
rewardable to Allah more than you pray. To stop yourselve from committing forbidens.It’ s more difficult than to pray day and night. Because the ego will put all its power to make you fall into that sin.

He said obedience..

It’s not simple. So, that is the cost of it. Awliyaúllah.. . so, everything comes back to nafs, dunya, hawa, and shaytan. If you stop listen to them, then you are safe, then you obey, then you will receiving these secret.

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