Fracture Mechanics Problem



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From Toperate= 75 oF from figure 4.7, he get:

KIc= 60 ksi√in.
σys= 90 ksi.
σdes.= 1/9 (90) = 10 ksi

Crack is subjected in center of the plate. Which type of the crack is a through thickness and there is a force in the middle of the crack.

Fracture Mechanics problems which is allowed superposition, so the total stress intensity factor at the crack can be considered as the sum of that, due to tensile stress and force in the middle of the crack.

Assumption: – Infinite plate

Through thickness crack
so, the KI equation’s for through thickness crack is:

(2)    Wedge Force
for centrally applied forces in the middle of the crack, the equation for KI is:

Calculated the Superposition:
KI1 = KI2 + KI3            , acr could be determined if KI1 = KIc
So, the calculation is:

From the equations, he can find: acr = 0.125 in.

To prove whether the assumption is true or not, it can be seen from ratio a/b:

Value a/b is too small, so it can be called infinite plate, and the assumption is correct.

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